Many business owners need immediate funds to fill in lack of cash and apart from a business loan, here at Loan Ph.Com, we offer truck loan without taking your truck. Our truck collateral loan still allows you to use it for your business and as a collateral for bridge financing fund and expansion purposes. It is also a fast loan as fast as 2-3 days loan release if you pass pre qualification, have complete and right requirements on hand and the O.R. C.R. is clean and under the loan borrower’s name.

Mechanics are really simple. We accept up to 10 wheeler trucks and all you need is to produce the right and complete loan application documents listed below. Another option is to go for truck financing. We will get to that later as we are still on the process of formulating the procedures.


  1. Completely filled up application form (download it here) (or I can send it to your email address just fill up my form below)
  2. Photocopy and original of OR CR
  3. 2 valid primary IDs photocopied together in 1 page
  4. Original electric or water bill (we don’t accept other bills) (address must be the same as 2 valid ID and may not be under your name / rented / free use.
  5. Proof of income – (DTI or SEC and Mayor’s Permit if with business) (remittance receipts and 3 months latest bank statement if with OFW remittance from abroad) (COE and 3 months latest payslip if with work) (lease of contract and 3 months latest bank statement if with apartment / house / room for rent)
  6. TIN ID / ITR or any proof of TIN

Reminder: Other documents may be required depending on your case (case to case basis)

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