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Loan Ph.Com is a pioneer in lending consultation. We are the only lending consulting service company in the Philippines. Our years in the online loan research, development and loan application processing assistance equates to years of proven customer satisfaction-guaranteed FREE service.

Yes! We don’t charge a single centavo for our consultation and loan application assistance service for “all” our clients. We are affiliated with multiple top lending companies so it’s like calling all of them in one. We earn from our affiliation commissionNo money is deducted from your loan and you don’t get charged in your loan proceeds. You take your cash home as it is computed by marketing and accounting assistants. No hidden charges (it’s against the law).


Your edge? Free service for both loan consultation and application. This way, you loose nothing and all advantages to gain. Lower interest, more lending choices, fast approval, personalised and professional assistance, flexible loan payment and amortization terms and integrity in service.

We are proudly affiliated with most of the top lending companies in the country. This gives us the edge over our competition. It’s like calling multiple cash loan providers in one“. Making sure our clients are satisfied and will get the lowest possible interest rate, we help you to partner with the right company. We’re not even close to being just your regular loan agent, we are your professional consultants and assistants ready to help you with our loan products designed for every Filipino. Name it and we have it on our list.

Multiple Philippines Loan Affiliation to Top Lending Companies

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We’ve taken countless orientations, seminars, affiliate and knowledge upgrading meetups so that we may be able to serve our clients with flexibility, integrity and professionalism yet personalized system.

We know how lending process works. This is our foundation in serving the right product and giving you the right cash loan provider. All you have to do is to make sure you communicate with us and state your current financial standing and credit score with banks and other lenders (if any bad credit). From there, we will handle everything else.

Our Loan Products

Our products include all types of micro and small medium enterprise (MSME), SME and micro financing as well as collateral and non-collateral loans. This ranges from business, corporate, personal, bank, car, financing and OFW loan. Bad credit borrowers are welcome for as long as you are serious in getting a loan provider on your side and you are willing to submit only authentic documents and promise to pay your monthly amortization on time and not compromise your one last chance to redeem yourself from bad credit, we will help you. We don’t tolerate fake documents.

A. Collateral Loans

B. Non-Collateral Loans

C. Special Type Loans

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Know How to Qualify for a Loan

Find out if we can help you qualify to one or many of our loan providers today. Get the lowest interest rate offer today. Our loans have easy to produce requirements. We’ll help you all throughout your loan application process.Talk to us now!

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